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1463 LM  Noordbeemster   
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Charles Lourens
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Charles Lourens is a creative thinker seeing the invisible, feeling the untouchable and achieving the impossible. He has left his footprints in Dutch society. Charles Lourens is an all-round thinker. He always thinks one step ahead. He conceives ideas, (tv)formats and concepts in a creative and mere unimitable way.

He has done so for more than thirty years.

Charles Lourens realizes his concepts based on social developments, publications, hypes and trends. He possesses the enviable aerial enabling him to pick up signals which he translates into usable concepts/formats. The moment he has shaped and moulded the format, Charles combs the market looking for the right company or organization that could be interested in that very format.

Charles Lourens has a unnameable way of choosing his subjects. For example he does not develop any project without feeling any spiritual connection with it. His ideas have to be socially relevant.


That is why Charles Lourens is not te be hired;
he will look for yu and he will find yu!


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