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In the Netherlands Charles Lourens is making out a case for the rehabilitation of the former Indonesian president SOEKARNO. Charles Lourens is convinced that Soekarno has been a hero to his people as well as a freedom fighter. In the Netherlands streets and squares are often being named after heroes and freedom fighters.

·         Till today in Holland NEVER a street or square has been named yet after Soekarno. This must change.



In this respect Charles has initiated a project together with his friend Pieter de Hart (who is living in Flores, Indonesia) in order to renovate Soekarno’s house in Flores turning it into a museum.  In the meantime the Flores authorities approved of the plan, the blueprints for renovating are ready. Charles Lourens has developed an action in order to raise funds for the renovation. In a recent conversation with our prime minister, mr. Jan Peter Balkenende, Charles Lourens informed the prime minister of his plans.


Another project takes place in Bali. On this divine island Charles Lourens is active in promoting the Indonesian art of painting in European countries.

By the way Charles Lourens’ roots lie in the Ducht East Indies. He was born in Gorontalo on the island of Celebes (now Sulawesi), Indonesia.


BITUNG (North-Sulawesi)

Charles Lourens is busy in realizing two projects in the city of BITUNG, northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. He advises the local authorities in their plans to clean up their city. The activities against refuses to be found all over the place did show results.

Furthermore Charles Lourens conceptualised the idea of giving some superfluous fishing boats as a gift to the Bitung fishermen. In order to realize this plan he is trying to coming about a fishery cooperation between Bitung and a Dutch fishing village.


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