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In the distant past Charles Lourens was a journalist as well as a magazine publisher. Even before Mr. Henk van der Meijden launched his PRIVÉ-page (gossip page) in De Telegraaf, Charles Lourens had his own gossip section in some weeklies and monthlies published by De Geïllustreerde Pers in Amsterdam at the time. Charles Lourens never lost interest in journalism. Hence his publishing business of remarkable books.

Lourens Publishing Projects Ltd. is a so-called target group publishing house, meaning that for each book the target group is defined in advance. Afterwards this book is almost exclusively presented to this particular target group. Generally speaking we are talking limited editions (2.000 to 3.000 copies), but as the edition is completely sold over and over again, we can qualify this as a success.

The most successful edition is NOTES FOR LATER, a sort of  fill-in book in which one can put down in writing one’s last wishes meant for surviving relatives. At the end of 2006 the seventh edition of this book will be published. Over the years some 70.000 copies of NOTES FOR LATER have been sold. 

 Other editions of Lourens Publishing are:

Andere uitgaven van Lourens Uitgeefprojecten zijn:

  • Wolken boven Volendam (Clouds above Volendam)
  • De Skrauw
  • Jan Sanders 80
  • De Fallische Keuken (The phallic kitchen)
  • Het leven in 3 minuten, Carel Kraayenhof 20 jaar tango! (Life in 3 minutes, Carel Kraayenhof 20 years of tango!)
 In preparation
  • Channel marking
    A book about inland navigation channel marking (in cooperation with Frans Room, artist from Zaandam)
    A new birthday calendar (most likely a world scoop! At this very moment the rights are being laid down worldwide)
  • The multicultural funeral
    About the burial rituals of our foreign citizens.
  • Restaurant Guide
    If food tastes good or bad its for visitors of restaurants to decide.

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